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"Swim in classical literature, inheriting classic charm" -- - China metallurgical heavy industry first reading salon activity re

"Swim in classical literature, inheriting classic charm" -- - China metallurgical heavy industry first reading salon activity re

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2018/08/14 14:58
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On the afternoon of April 21, in order to commemorate the arrival of World Reading Day and promote the construction of learning-oriented enterprises, the group office sponsored and prepared the first 


On the afternoon of April 21, in order to commemorate the arrival of World Reading Day and promote the construction of learning-oriented enterprises, the group office sponsored and prepared the first reading salon activity with the theme of "traveling to classical literature and inheriting classical charm", which was held in the leisure area on the 15th floor of the group headquarters in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The event was hosted by Assistant Chairman Wei Ying. President Cao Mingchun and Vice President Zhang Kefeng were invited to attend the event to share the reading journey and listen to the spiritual dialogue with the participants.



President cao mingchun believes that learning makes people young, reading makes people full, and reading is an effective way to broaden our cognitive boundary and enlighten our minds. In the information age, reading books can keep us up to date. Reading different kinds of books at different stages can improve our ability in reading, and the combination of pragmatic reading and work can quickly match the development of our company. When a man stops reading, he is really getting old. Finally, cao put forward and Shared the initiative and impressions of the development of young employees based on his own journey of study, which greatly encouraged and enlightened everyone.

Zhang kefeng, vice-president, Shared his reading experience. General zhang analyzed the problems existing in most people's reading, told everyone how to read efficiently, how to grasp the key points of book reading through mind mapping, showed his hand-drawn mind guide view to explain, and recommended a book "how to read a book efficiently". He used vivid and interesting pictures, dexterous and lively techniques to deeply inspire your thoughts.



Host wei ying told the origin and declaration of "world reading day", saying that everyone should make reading a habit, learning a pleasure, let the mind wander into the sea of books, let books become the supplement and nutrition of our work and life, so as to make us more energetic, live more fully and work more efficiently. At the same time, she hopes to use the image of reading angel as a bookmark through the selection of "reading angel". With the follow-up activity of "MCC volunteer association", she hopes to inspire more children to read, learn and make progress.

This covers a lot of people reading salon, sage classic, a master of the spring and autumn period and the warring states period laozi the daodejing, the song dynasty neo-confucianism of zhu xi's "spring", "eight people of tang and song dynasty", one of su shi's "the storm", grandson strategist sun tzu's the art, and the American writer Mitchell's "gone with the wind" and other well-known masterpiece. They talked with great interest, expressed their opinions, expressed their ideas, and the happy atmosphere filled the scene.

Tang liqun, audit director, took the manuscript of years ago to tell us the depth of the moral scriptures. By "faith does not speak well, beauty does not believe; Such dialectical thoughts of the ancient people and modern life are combined together, so that the impetuous heart remains empty and quiet, life needs to be understood, so that everyone present can feel the greatness of Taoism.

Song ci began in the liang dynasty, formed in the tang dynasty and flourished in the song dynasty. Tian jing, from huanfeng resources, Shared su shi's "the storm" for us. A bold song poem, through the small things in life such as encountering wind and rain on the way to the wild, sees deep meaning in the simple, gives birth to the strange scene in the ordinary, displays the broad-mindedness, and harbors the transcendental ideal of life. She made everyone feel that su shi was in adversity, faced with setbacks but calm, undaunted determination and magnanimity.

"Sun zi's art of war "is a splendid treasure in ancient Chinese military culture heritage and a concentrated embodiment of the essence of ancient military thoughts. Each of these schemes is considered a classic, and even the name has become a well-known idiom. Shao kun, the group's planning commissioner, Shared the origins and allusions of "hiding the secrets and surrounding the wei to save the zhao", which made us relive the wisdom of the ancient people.

Zhu xi, also known as zhu zi, was a neo-confucianist in the song dynasty. His poetry rid of the empty preaching, vivid image, with high literary value. Group information commissioner chu fan Shared zhu zi's "spring day" for everyone.

Group executive wang ge shares her favorite controversial American classic, gone with the wind. This literary work takes the American civil war period as the background, narrates the love between the heroine scarlett and the hero rhett butler, which is sad and pathetic. But goodwife company has strong, brave, tenacious and sense of responsibility to make a deep impression to everybody.

This activity has promoted the study of employees and the exchange of ideas, stimulated everyone's vitality and creativity, helped everyone understand the company's development strategy and planning, and achieved good results. At the same time, it also sets up a platform for employees to show themselves and adjust their intense work.

Reading is not for yan ruyu, not for the golden house, but to make us become more intelligent, let our life more profound and profound!

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