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To combat the coronavirus, ZONYE is on the move

To combat the coronavirus, ZONYE is on the move

2020/02/11 00:31
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At the beginning of the New Year, the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia was rampant.,the whole country is united in the fight against the epidemic. ZONYE pays close attention to the development of the epidemic, earnestly implements epidemic prevention work, and makes every effort to ensure the health of employees.

   On February 8, the company actively responded to the call and took the initiative to shoulder the social responsibility of mutual assistance, donated 200,000 yuan to the Red Cross society of jianxi district, luoyang city, and 200,000 yuan to the ruyang county anti-pneumonia headquarters, we hope to make our contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic with the kindness of enterprises.

   We are in this together. To combat the epidemic, ZONYE is on the move .

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