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Henan province construction waste entire process control will be held in luoyang

Henan province construction waste entire process control will be held in luoyang

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2018/05/23 18:25
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May 22, the whole process of construction waste control in henan province will be held in luoyang. Representatives from all over the province came to visit dongtizhuang resource disposal 

May 22, the whole process of construction waste control in henan province will be held in luoyang. Representatives from all over the province came to visit dongtizhuang resource disposal site of luoyang huanfeng resources co., LTD.



The leaders and representatives present at the meeting

As a national pilot province for the recycling of construction waste, henan province attaches great importance to the recycling of construction waste.



Clean and standard recycled aggregate processing site

This scene will focus on the management of construction waste management problems. Ring back resources as the provincial advanced enterprise engaged in the work of construction waste resource utilization, one of combining urban transformation, demolition, explore the construction waste disposal, use "on the spot" new mode, realized the field engineering, standardization, disposal work mobile, environmental protection, recycling nearby, market-oriented, to solve the construction waste problem has set a new benchmark.





Participants watched the recycled products



Ji xiaoxing, general manager of huanfeng resources, introduced the experience

The event was widely recognized by the delegates, which established a good brand image and social image of huanfeng resources and promoted the leapfrogging development of the recycling industry of construction waste in henan province.

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